The Blog

Oh hey!

Welcome to my little old blog.

If you’ve clicked this page I’m guessing you want to know more about my slightly mundane life. I never know what to write on these things so bare with me.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning when in 2017 my little slice of the internet (this here blog) was born. I was bored one day and even binge watching on Netflix couldn’t cheer me up so I sat down in my bedroom and started my very first blog the little book blogger online where I shared all my book reviews and favourite reads.

Fast forward a few months and I decided to have a little rebrand and create one daydream away a lifestyle, beauty, book and random ramblings blog where I pretty much talk about anything I fancy and what I’m feeling at the time.

It was a way for me to escape the real world every once in a while and what started out as a hobby turned into a little bit of an obsession. But honestly I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Blogger

If your wondering who the heck I am then let me introduce myself. I’m Sara aka the brains behind the blog and a Student from a place where the WiFi is rubbish and it rains all the time. I’m a huge book nerd and massive foodie with a slight hatred for instagram and a strong love for Beyoncé. I’m a lover of colourful boots, Harry Potter and fake plants (because I always kill the real ones.)

You’ll often find me binge watching Netflix, searching out the most aesthetically pleasing locations for the gram or stalking the homeware isles of any store to find the cutest mugs for my extensive and rather over the top collection. Just look out for a girl with a camera in hand, dorky glasses, colourful boots and a cosy knit jumper.

Not an award winning blogger or award winning anything.

You can also find me on instagram, twitter, pinterest and bloglovin.