If you are interested in working with me just send me an email over at 1daydreamawayblog@gmail.com I am happy to discuss budget and things and work around a budget if possible. I am open to opportunities as long as they fit in with my blog and benefit my content.

Affiliate Links

If you read blogs as much as I do you`ll know about affiliate links but if you don`t let me fill you in. An affiliate link means the blogger gets a small percentage when you use that link to buy an item. As far as I know this doesn’t cost you anything extra and there are no hidden clauses.

Sponsored Posts

Blogging has perks which includes sometimes being paid to feature a product or given a product in return for a review. I never feature anything I dont generally love or wouldn’t use. To keep my blog 100% authentic I no longer feature guest posts either and as always I would never feature pre-written content. I mark all posts with something on long the lines of “Paid for sponsor” or “Items gifted in return for honest opinions” where appropriate.

Usage Rights

You can all use my blog of course! However anyone under 16 please ask permission before using this blog or before purchasing anything through links featured on the blog.