The 7 Self-Care Tips I Live My Life By

Self-care is something so important and something I like to follow. I think that putting yourself first sometimes can have an amazing effect on your health, your state of mind and your outlook. It can be something as simple as treating yourself to new shoes or doing something you love to improve your mood. It can be telling yourself all the things you love about yourself or it can be finding joy in the simple things. Whatever it is and however you practise self care it doesn’t matter as long as you know what works for you. But here are 7 of the self care tips I live my life by.

Write Down All the Things You Love About Yourself

I can’t remember where I learnt this little trick but it definitely made a huge difference to me. Just writing down little positives whether it is about your appearance or personality can be really good to boost your confidence when your feeling a little low. Ask other people like your family and close friends what they love about you and write that down as well. Then when your not at your best or feel low look back on the sheet and remember all the reasons why you are amazing.

Find Pleasure In the Simple Things

Find happiness in the simple things you have in your life. Try and appreciate all the things you have been blessed with  like your family, friends, pets or whatever else make you happy. Reflect on the positive things you have and try not to think about what you don’t have. It’s easier said then done but trust me once you manage it you will feel so much better.

Treat Yo Self

This might sound super cringe but it’s also 100% true! Treating yourself to something every once in a while can really life up your mood. If I ever feel down my family usually always bring me a little treat to cheer me up. Whether it’s a lush bath bomb for me to enjoy a soak in or a new book to get lost in. This wont be a long term solution but it can definitely help in the short term with lifting your mood. So treat yo self to something new!

Surround Yourself With Positive People

I find that the people I surround myself with have an effect on me especially in terms of social media. I often go through and unfollow any negative accounts on my social media and try and follow more people who give off a more positive vibe. So I unfollow people who cause drama and who don’t post the type of content I personally want to see. Of course having a rant once in a while in completely normal but I’m talking more about the accounts that bitch about others on a daily basis. I also follow the same mentality in my real life in terms of friends.

Adopt A Good Morning Routine

I find that if I’ve had a bad morning my day will usually be ruined. I try and stick to a routine so I don’t get stressed and feel like the day is going to go badly. I try and get everything I need to do done on time and also find time to relax. Just being able to pamper myself in the moring whether it’s with a nice skincare routine or a makeup routine can really change how the rest of my day goes. If I feel good in myself I find that my day goes good as well. So try and get in a routine to avoid stressing and panicking in the morning. Tip: Preping the night before can really help.

Do What You Love – Paint, Write, Reading, Bake…

Do more of the things that make you happy. Whenever I’m feeling a little bit down or just bored or lonely I love to find distractions in the things I love. Paint, bake, write, read, dance, draw or do whatever makes you happy. Let yourself have fun and be creative.


Bit of an obvious one but smile! There’s some scientific research which I won’t even try and explain but apparently smiling can be really good for your mental and physical health. So stick on your cheesiest grin.

Those are just some ways I like to practise self care but there are so many other ways out there as well. Self care is so important and can mean something different to everyone. I’d love to know how you practise it as well.