My Top 5 Books Of 2017

I haven’t written much book related content lately but I thought I would write a little run down of some of my top reads from 2017. These are all book I could read again and again and I am so happy that I had the chance to read all of these. I noticed a little pattern when I picked these out and it seems that for me this year was the year I fell in love with YA and Contemporary.

Am I Normal Yet?

I went into this book sceptical because Mental health related books can often let me down but I absolutely was not disappointed. I don’t have OCD so I can’t talk about whether I felt it accurately portrayed what living with OCD is like. However, Evie also has anxiety and from my perspective of living with anxiety it was well represented. This is the 1st book from Holly Bourne I have ever read but I have already picked up the remainder of the Spinsters Club series for Christmas as I enjoyed Am I Normal Yet? so much. (See My Goodreads Review Here!)

Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey follows the story of Audrey who suffers from severe social anxiety as well as depression. Audrey can’t leave the house and the only people she really talks to at the start of the book are her family and her therapist who challenges her to conduct interviews with people and get out of her comfort zone. I was super excited to finally be able to read a book that so openly talks about anxiety and depression but especially a book that talks about the true reality of mental health. Kinsella did not wash over the subject of mental health and she really showed the ugly side to it which I think is amazing for educating people who don’t necessarily understand it and also those who maybe trivialise how serious it actually is. (See My Goodread Review Here!)

The Memory Book

Sam has her whole life mapped out and a future she know’s will be perfect. But when a rare condition threatens the life she has dreamed of and the memory she treasures Sam’s life is turned upside down. Determined not to miss out or forget Sam starts her memory book. What follows is a story of rebellion and living life to the full while you have the chance. I found a link by left Lara Avery that discusses the real families affected by NPC- feel free to check this out as I think it’s definitely important. (See My Goodread Review Here!)


Cath is a college student and twin sister who was immersed into the world of Simon Snow and doesn’t what to let go but her twin Wren has other ideas and is ready to experience what college life is really about. When Wren says she wants to live apart from her sister Cath is left alone and forced to share with a complete stranger. In her room she writes her fan fiction while her sister is out partying and her roommate is out with boys. One of these boys is Levi- with a wide grin and happy attitude it’s no wonder Cath likes him so much.

I liked the character development of this book a lot and related to Cath in particular. As someone who’s a little more shut away than party wild and out all night she was the most relatable. She is a book lover and writer so I think a lot of readers will relate to Cath more than some of the other characters. I also like how Rowell developed the relationships between Cath and other characters like Levi and Reagan. Rowell’s characters always have that something that makes them real.

This book was definitely a cutesy comfort read. It had romance, fan fiction, friendship, family and a main character who loves reading and writing. What’s not to love? (See My Goodread Review Here!)

I Was Here

From the author of If I Stay comes a beautiful and compelling novel that combines first love and loss into a magnificent and breathtaking novel. I was here will leave readers with that sensational feeling that comes from reading a truly gripping novel. I Was Here had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down. This book is a definite a favourite of mine and I really want to read more from Gayle Forman.

When I picked up I Was Here I had never really read Gayle Forman’s books before. But I had to love it, it was impossible not to. I wanted more of Cody’s story and I didn’t want to let the book go. I also connected to the characters and felt like I could feel everything they were feeling it was just magnificent. The plot was one I hadn’t seen coming, it had a shocking twist that left me speechless and I could never have predicted. (See My Goodread Review Here!)

That’s it for my Top 5 books this year. I will probably end up changing my mind completely by the New Year but for now these are the 5 I think everyone needs to read and enjoy. Let me know your own favourite book from this year below! Is it on my list?