The Christmas Tag

Today I thought I would do the Christmas tag. If you don’t know already the Christmas tag is basically a fun little tag filled with Christmas themed questions. Rather than tag individual people I just thought any of you could do it if you want. I saw this tag on Katie’s blog so make sure you go and show her post some love as well.

Favourite Christmas movie?

This is such a difficult one as I love so many but I have to say either Elf, Nativity or Arthur Christmas. I have a whole post coming soon about my top 7 movies so look out for that as well.

What are your favourite Christmas colours?

Probably burgundy, gold and silver. For our tree’s this year we are having one multi coloured fun one and one more traditional red, silver and gold tree as well.

Do you like to dress up or stay in your PJ’s for Christmas?

PJ’s all morning then I change into something nice for dinner and back into my PJ’s for the evening.

What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

There are so many of us that we have to have a few different options as we are all so fussy. We usually have chicken and lamb then just have all the traditional trimmings as well.

Best gift you have ever received?

This is such a tough one as everyone knows me so well but I would have to say something from my mum & dad who always go way overboard on presents.

Peek at gifts or be surprised?

I used to peek when I was younger because I hate surprises but now everyone just tells me what they got me because they know I am bad when it comes to surprises.

Favourite Christmas memory?

This is so hard as I have the worst memory in the world. Probably putting up the tree every year. We always put our main tree up on my birthday and decorate it as a family.

Favourite Christmas song?

Anything by Michael Buble or All I want For Christmas Is You.

Favourite Christmas scent?

Gingerbread! We always bake some every year and it is just one of my favourite smells in the world.

Best part about Christmas/What does Christmas mean to you?

I know this might sound a bit cheesy but honestly spending time with family. We are a big family so it is always so fun to spend Christmas together. Christmas is so important to me as it is the time of year we can all come together and celebrate.

  • Sara

    Thank you for commenting

  • Moonsomnia

    What a great post, thanks for doing and sharing the Christmas tag… now I’m thinking of Gingerbread! 😁


    • Sara

      Ha ha thank you

  • AnnieChanie

    I love the smell of gingerbread too! My friend and I like to make gingerbread all year round so we’re constantly reminded of Christmas! I really enjoyed reading this tag! It makes me even more excited for the festive season!

    • Sara

      thank you

  • a n d i ✨

    I’m awful when it comes to surprises too, so I tend to always find out what I’m getting before the day itself! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love wearing fresh pyjamas on Christmas morning too.. 🙊

    Andi |

    • Sara

      Thank you for commenting! About to read some of your blog posts as well

  • Awww I love posts like this, it totally brings out the festivities of the season! Thanks for sharing ☺️☃️

    Lena Dee xx:

    • Sara

      Thank you lovely! Going to check out your blog now

  • Aw what a lovely post. For me Christmas is about family and spending time together. Great post.

    • Sara

      Thank you! Christmas is definitely about family

  • I loved reading this and now I’m feeling even more festive! I’m definitely all about the PJ’s on Christmas morning as well! 😀
    Charlotte |

    • Sara

      Thank you for commenting

  • Ellie

    Ahh no way! I love surprises I could never peek haha. Your Christmas tree sounds so cool we usually stick to red and gold or blue and silver pretty basic ❤️


    • Sara

      That sounds lovely as well! Thank you for commenting

  • Missangel

    PJ’s all over Christmas for me only get dressed if I really have too!

    • Sara

      Thank you for commenting! You can’t beat a Christmas onesie

  • Rachael Shortt (PaleGirlRambli

    Ohh this made me feel very festive! I’m the same as you, I spent the morning I’m jammies, dress up for dinner and then back to jammies!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • Sara

      Thank you for commenting! Love your blog by the way

  • Zara McIntosh

    Ahh my answers are so similar to yours, we have such great taste in Christmas movies! You can’t beat Arthur Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas lovely,
    Zara xx /

    • Sara

      Thank you have a wonderful Christmas as well

  • Bethan Emmett

    Agree with you on so many of these things! I love Elf, staying in my pjs Christmas morning and burgundy within the winter months! X

  • Sophie Wentworth

    I always make an effort to dress up and do really nice makeup on Christmas day. No idea why, I never leave the house. I love reading about how everyone spends their day x


    • Thank you! I don’t really go out as well I just like dressing up I think

    • Sara

      I never go anywhere either! I just love dressing up. Thank you for commenting

  • Chloe

    Hi, I love gingerbread especially with a nice chai tea and a classic Christmas movie, oh to have my pj’s on Christmas Day.

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting!

    • Sara

      Thank you for commenting! You can’t beat gingerbread

  • That’s funny, I rewatched Love Actually yesterday and there was the All I want for christmas is you song ahah! I love gingerbread (scent and taste) too ahah xx corinne

    • onedaydreamaway

      Oh I love love actually as well! Thank you for commenting

    • Sara

      Love actually is also one of my favourites! Thank you for commenting