Shop Independent This Christmas

Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop and I couldn’t do blogmas without a post dedicated to independent businesses. I feel like everyone does gift guide for high end or well known stores (which is great) but I really wanted to show off all the amazing creatives who maybe don’t get enough mention at this time of year. These are all things I think make great stocking stuffers, presents, secret santa gifts or Christmas eve box fillers. Unfortunately this is going up way later then I had planned because the some of my parcels got mixed up and lost but hopefully you might consider making a purchase even if it isn’t for Christmas!



I thought this would make a really great Christmas eve gift and is something you could use as a family. You can pick from a huge selection of cookie flavours and you get the ingredients all weighed out in a little jar with the instructions on the side. I got the chocolate orange jar and I am so looking forward to making this on Christmas eve with everyone. I was originally sent a different flavour by mistake but Jessica was so nice and sent me out the correct one as well as gifting me the other one for free!


I am a major animal lover so I thought this pug mug was absolutely adorable. I think mugs make such a good and quirky present especially when they have a picture or quote on the front. I think this might me one of my favourite presents from the whole gift guide.My sister saw it and now she wants one as well.


I saw this candle and instantly fell in love with the idea. This is the perfect gift for any major Harry Potter lovers. The candle basically melts down to reveal a colour for your house inside and each house has a different scent. This is such a lovely gift and I would definitely be happy to see this is my stocking on Christmas day. If your wondering I was a Slytherin.


I recently got my ears pierced again and I knew I really wanted some Christmas earrings. I saw these on Etsy and thought they were so cute and also super reasonably priced and had to have them. There just adorable little reindeer’s and I can’t wait to finally wear them when they arrive.


Finally I have a cute print which I think anyone would love to have in their collection. You can obviously get yours personalised to whatever star sign you like but I picked out this Sagittarius one for myself. I absolutely adore the quotes that are personalised to every sign and I just think this would make a great gift.

I also thought I would share some other shops I think are great as well-

Dorkface Shop

Sweet Allure Shop

Danielle Taylor Prints