7 Magical Things I Love About Winter

Today has been really hectic and being a total idiot I forgot to actually plan a post to go live for Blogmas. So now I am back from Sheffield after what felt like the longest day ever and I thought I would sit down and type up this fun little post all about all the magical and wonderful things I love about Christmas or at least 7 of them. I never had any time at all for taking a picture so instead you get to enjoy this random tree picture from one of my nature photo shoots because I thought it looked really wintry and cute.

The John Lewis Advert

I think every year we all get majorly excited about the John Lewis advert because it means it is officially Christmas. I think we can all just agree that John Lewis nail their ads every year.

Costa Christmas Menu

Your either a Starbucks lover or a Costa Drinker. I absolutely adore a Costa hot chocolate and my favourite this year has to be their Millionaires shortbread. It tastes so sweet and sugary and basically like Christmas in a cup.

Putting Up The Tree

I am so so excited to finally put up my tree. I brought my new decorations today and I just felt so festive. You can bet I will Instagram the hell out of it of course.

Christmas Markets

I love Christmas markets so much. 1) They make amazing photo shoot locations and 2) I have an excuse to go way overboard and by a tone of decorations (plus all the food as well.)

Spending Time With Family

This has to be on the list of course. I spent the entire day with half of my family today and it was amazing. I love my family and Christmas is definitely the best time to let them know about it.

Ice Skating

I may fall over every single time but what can beat ice skating. I love going and I can not wait to go again this year.

When It Finally Snows

I love the few seconds of snow Britain gets every year. We can Instagram it and then 5 seconds later it melts but it still feels so magical.

Hopefully you enjoyed this kind of last minute post and be sure to let me know your favourite things about winter as well. I promise I will be back to normal tomorrow and I even have a gift guide going up. As always make sure to link your own blogs below so I can check out your fun and festive themed content as well!