An Evening With The SIMMs Review

My favourite types of books are short stories because I don’t always have time to read a full length novel. I also love lighthearted comedy books but I rarely ever read them so when I was given this to review I was so happy to get a chance to read it.

An Evening with the SIMMs is everything I would want from a short and lighthearted story. It has humor and also it feels very real. When I was reading along I felt like I had been through that situation a thousand times before. A family meal and spending the evening with my own siblings who I like to joke around with is a situation I think most of us can to relate to.

Its rare to find a comedy short that actually makes you laugh and also feel like you were part of the situation but this book does just that. I loved that the humor was light hearted, relatable and also quite funny. If I have some spare time I would absolutely pick this up again for a reread or pick up the sequel as well.

I also got the chance to interview the author as part of this post and reveal his newest book cover below. So why not check that out as well!

Book Cover Reveal


What is your biggest inspiration as an author?

When you say biggest inspiration? I wouldn’t discredit what I feel is the aspiration of an author who loves, and respect the field of creative writing. That is to reach the threshold of the most inspiring, and rewarding acknowledgments of respect for his, or her creative endeavour. To me, that is to acknowledge his, or her publication as a complimentary acknowledgment that’s suitable for the big screen. Regarding my present aspirations? I guess it’s the same as any other author who loves the field, and that is to try to be inspiring, and commendable in his, or her endeavour.

Are you working on any up and coming books and if so what can you tell us about it?

I have one that I’m about to put out. It’s the second book of a light, and inspiring comedy and romance miniseries called An Evening With The Simms ll. It’s about two brothers who haven’t seen each other for a while. The oldest stops by to pay his younger brother, and family a visit. In the process of them reminiscing through times, the family helps make ways for some inspiring, and joy filled experiences.

When did you decide to become an author?

Wow——! That’s something that has been like years—– ago!

What books do you have out at the minute and what are they about?

Presently, I like to write what I considered as mini-series of light, and inspiring comedy and romance. I have various of those publications out. I have a big book of a comedy and romance about a family. I titled the family’s name as Simms. Since the book deals upon a family setting with members of various ages levels, and calibre, I thought about that. Maybe people of various age levels would like to have something that they could individually get involved into. So, I applied my efforts towards establishing mini-series of the family as a whole, as well as individual mini-series of the family members. Example, I also have a mini-series of the two youngest members of the family who are in grammar school. I have a mini-series of one of the daughters, she’s in college, I have a mini-series of the oldest. He works for a computer cooperation.

What is your favourite genre to read/write?

I’m open to exploring other fields in the creative writing genres. Presently, it’s light comedy and romance, and poetry and short stories.

6 Have you got any advice for those wanting to become writers?

Be dedicated, and ambitious to your true love, and don’t be afraid to explore other outlets in the creative writing field, especially if you have some sense, some strong intuition that it could be complimentary to your strive.

What is the biggest inspiration for your books?

(Laughing) I’m sorry! Don’t get me wrong, please! I‘m glad that you asked me that question. I think that you should ask all authors that one simple question. A lot of us probably have a unique view of that one simple question. When it comes out to the actual focus of things, it’s love and success.

What do you hope to achieve as an author in the future?

Success! Sweet, sweet————success!

Describe your writing style in one sentence?

Mm—-! I did say that I am writing mini-series, and is open to other outlooks in the creative writing field. I would have to say vast, and hopeful.

Finally, if you could go back and change anything in your writing carer would you and what would you change?

I’ve learned the hard way, and is still learning. Sometimes it could happen so smoothly, it could be very hard to acknowledge. if you’re on a streak, don’t hinder you meek.

*I was gifted this in return for my honest opinions