Zoella Christmas Collection Review

Christmas has come early in my house and I finally picked up some of the new Zoella Ranges. I was going to wait for blogmas but I know a lot of you guys would like to know before then if it is worth the buy so I put it up a little earlier. I obviously didn’t get everything because some of the sets were repeats of products and things but I got what I liked the most and I can not wait to share them with you. I got products from both the Lifestyle & Beauty collections and I have to say they look beautiful. I also was so glad I did wait and save for these as when I got round to buying them most of the items were 3 for 2 so I got a lot of these items free (always a bonus!)

Lifestyle- I will start with the lifestyle which is always my favourite of the 2. I am obsessed with the colour scheme of the whole thing I also the scent of the diffusers and the candles is amazing. I am a little sick at the minute and can smell literally nothing but the scent is still so strong that I can actually smell it and I love that.

The first thing I picked up was the Catching ZZZs gift set which is basically a hot water bottle and a eye mask. The whole design works really well and also grey, green & gold/rose gold is probally my favourite new colour combo together. I also got the Warm & Toasty Set and The Sock & Candle Gift set which follow the same sort of colour scheme as the other set as well and are also really pretty and super cosy. I am currently obsessed with the socks which are so comfortable and the hat which I think is super cute. I then picked up the Cosy Vibes Mug which I think is really pretty and super cute as well.

For the candles and diffusers I have the Cosy Christmas Candle & Festive Cookie Candle & Diffuser. It is kind of hard to describe the cosy christmas candle bit it smells very fresh and like berries if that makes any sense. As for the cookie candle and diffuser they smell really christmassy and incredible. Imagine gingerbread cookies x 10000. I have to say that these are my new favourite candles (although I have never been to bath and body works yet so…)

Beauty- Finally we have beauty and I have to admit I was a little worried ordering online after I ordered the Gelato range and was a little disappointed but I do love the range this time. This is probably my second favourite after Sweet Inspirations. My favourite item is 1000% Brew Me A Bath followed my the Mini Fragrances and then Winter Wonder Hand and You’re Cracking. I already need to top up of the Brew me a bath set because I am running low of the tea bags and have completely used up my bath milk packets.

The products definitely leave your skin feeling really silky and smooth but also the smell is quite subtle which I love. The mini fragrances are obviously the exception and you get 4 scents 3 of which I love (not a fan of Gelato) especially the Bake My Day fragrance. They are also really convenient and easy to carry around on the go or when you are in a hurry.

Overall I absolutely adore both ranges and I think I will probably buy a lot of these products again when I need to top up. I also love these as gifts or stocking stuffers and will absolutely purchasing some for under my tree this year.


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  • Ohh love this – getting me so excited for winter! x


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting!

  • I absolutely love this post! 100% purchasing zoe’s new range
    Sian xo


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! You should absolutely get zoes new range

  • I love the color schemes! This gifts look amazing!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I love the colours as well

  • OMG your pictures are stunning!! I love the look of the new Zoella range but I love it all and don’t know what to get!! the mug is lovely so I will deffo be getting this and probably the candles! I really want to try her new Snowella scent too!

    Sophia xo

    • onedaydreamaway

      You absolutely should! I had to refrain from buying everything as well. Thank you for commenting

  • Everything looks so pretty 😍💕 I need everything 💸💸💸💸

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I agree everything is beautiful

  • Tasmin

    I’ve never used anything Zoella but I might have to change that!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! You should definitely try the range.

  • The whole range looks lovely and is getting me ready for xmas vibes! I think the mug is my fave actually! Will have to pick some bits up!

    Amina xx | http://www.aliandher.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! The mug is one of my faves as well

  • I didn’t realize it wasn’t too early for Christmas until I read this post- it’s gotten me so excited already, hahaha! The photography looks absolutely amazing- I’m really interested in looking more into her lifestyle range, especially that beanie hat!!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! Never too early for christmas

  • I keep seeing Zoella’s range all over Twitter & feel I need to give it a try!! Packaging is really pretty! 😍

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! The range is gorgeous

  • I’ve never bought any of Zoella’s products but these look so cute. The colours are gorgeous and perfect for winter. My favourite is the cosy vibes mug and I can just imagine having a hot chocolate being all cosy next to a fire xx

    • onedaydreamaway

      I love the mug as well! Thank you for commenting

  • Eva

    I’m not particularly a fan of zoella but her packaging is always really pretty! Those mini mists look so lovely! x


    • onedaydreamaway

      I dont really watch her videos that much but I love her products and watch the occasional vlog or favourites

  • I can’t wait to pick up Snowella. I’m looking forward to getting that the most. Might actually pick up the diffuser as well as I’m obsessed with then right now. 😍

    • onedaydreamaway

      I agree the diffusers are amazing! Thank you for commenting

  • Oh Christmas comes round too quickly. I like the sound of festive cookies candles.

    • onedaydreamaway

      The candles are amazing! Thank you for commenting

  • Haven’t tried any of Zoella’s ranges
    Before and I have no idea why!!? I adore her lifestyle range, so hopefully i’ll be able to give that a go soon! I hope you feel better soon,hun ❤️. Lovely post, adored it 💕

    Imaan | theaugustclause.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you I just have a little cold. I love the lifestyle the most especially the candles

  • Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose)

    Aaaaah Zoella, I’ve been hearing so much about her (kinda overpriced) advent calendar that I completely forgot that she had this pretty range out as well! These are definitely up my street, the body wash is packaged so cutely and I really want it in my shower! Festive Cookie sounds like an amazing scent as well, I’m not surprised you fell in love with these products!

    Abbey 🍕 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • onedaydreamaway

      I agree about the advent calendar but everything else I adore! Thank you for commenting

  • I wasn’t really interested in Zoella’s collection before but I must admit I like the sound of some of things on here, especially the mugs and candles. Perfect now Autumn is on its way 🙂 even if not for me I may get these as little gifts for friends!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I love the candles and I think they would make great gifts

  • This is such a gorgeous collection! I love Zoella’s Christmas collections, they smell so good! I love the packaging to the candles, the boxes are so cute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I agree that packaging is gorgous

  • Oh my gosh that wee hat is so cute! I love a candle too so it’s good to hear you loved it! Great post x

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I am obsessed with the hat

  • Everything looks so so pretty! I love Christmas and I love anything rose gold so I guess this collection was made for me ahah! Everything is so cute, really! Glad to read you’re happy with the products! xx corinne

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! Rose gold is my new favourite thing as well.

  • This all looks so good! They really nail the packaging for Zoella’s products don’t they? I’m most excited to try the bath tea bags, such a cool idea!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I am obsessed with the packaging as well.

  • Ain

    I have never tried any of Zoella’s products yet, but I have to say, they are all eye-catching! I love the colour scheme and also, how clever is she coming up with all the names? Now I am actually really tempted to buy some. Good promote 🙂 x Ain

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you! The packaging is gorgeous especially for the lifestyle

  • I am a huge fan of Zoella’s packaging, and even though Christmas is quite far away for me (I celebrate it maybe just a few days before, oops) I have started to think about ways to treat my friend who loves bath stuff and home things in general. Love the “catching the zzzs” gift set idea! Thanks for sharing.

    • onedaydreamaway

      Catching ZZZs is one of my faves as well. Thank you for commenting