Autumn Essentials & Favourites

I promised autumn content and here it is!

I thought with the cold weather in full swing I could finally put together my essentials list. I know these are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love seeing what everyone buys at this time of year. I love seeing candles, blankets and most importantly what pair of boots I should be buying.

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year for blogging and also some cool photography as well. I love capturing moments on my camera like the leaves that have changed and that cliche insta pick with my feet in a pile of leaves captioned with something very sophisticated such as “AUTUMN IN HERE!!!!!” obvs followed by the various leaf emojis and a pumpkin.

First thing I had to share with you guys was these new boots which I am slightly obsessed with. I think they are so comfortable and you can get them from New Look (here)They are heeled so if that isn’t your thing I would steer clear of them. They are suede and this darker burgundy shade which I think makes them very autumnal. I also picked up a new fedora hat (similar here) which is a very dark green/emerald colour and fits like a dream. I have a love hate relationship with hats because I always worry how they look on me but I can honestly say I love this one. Finally for fashion type items I got this blanket scarf (similar here) which is basically an essential in everyone’s autumn wardrobe so I will be surprised if you do not have one yet. It is super comfy and is my favourite autumn piece so far.

Moving on to books I wanted to share one of my newer favourites which I have almost finished and I think is such a cute, cosy and autumn/winter read. Hygge is probably one of the most popular trends but I was late to the party and haven’t really bothered with the book until now. I love the idea of Hygge and if you haven’t yet got a copy you absolutely should (pick up a copy here.) To go along with the book what is more autumn than a cute mug to drink your tea/coffee/coco from. It is no secret I am obsessed with the new Zoella Range (see my review here) and this mug is one of my favourites from it as well as the lovely festive cookie candle which smells incredible. (Candle available here & Mug here) I think they make such great gifts or even a treat for yourself as well.

Also from Zoella I picked up the mini mists which I think makes such a lovely gift as well. The packaging is adorable and I love the Bake My Day scent. I absolutely adore how much work actually goes into making these products and I am really impressed with the entire beauty range I have tried so far (Mini Mists available here.)

Finally I thought I would end with some tech and art. First is the Instax Mini (here) which I have had for a few months but only really started using these past few weeks. I love capturing cute moments on this but I am still experimenting with the light because I can never get it right. For art I have to share this unicorm themed print (here) from etsy which I love. I have a full haul coming soon but I am still waiting on 2 or 3 more prints to arrive before I can share them with you.

That is it for this favourites/essential haul and hopefully you enjoyed everything I had to show you. Let me know below your autumn essentials and is it anything I mentioned?


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  • I love, love, love autumn things! Every single leaf emoji, all of the feet-in-leaves photos, product recommendations, fashion looks — all of it. And your boots are A+! I have a pair of burgundy booties, too, that I should photograph soon. Speaking of photographs, yours are gorgeous. I’ll be following you on Instagram. 🙂 xx

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you so much I will be sure to follow back as well!

  • rachel 🐰

    I think these are some of the prettiest flatlays I have ever seen! So cosy and autumnal x

  • I’ve wanted to pick up Hygge for a while! Also love the blanket scarf, it looks so cosy! Autumn is the best season!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I love autumn as well

  • Crystal

    Love the mug always good for a cup of tea. Great post and pictures.

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting!

  • This whole post was so warm and cosy haha! I am a huge fan of boots and I love that their burgandy because it’s nice to see a bit of colour! Zoella’s Candle and mug is definitely on my wish list x

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for reading! I love a bit of colour in my wardrobe as well.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post and i love your photography! Also i have the same boots but in black i got them last autumn! Great post! Xx

    • onedaydreamaway

      thank you for commenting! The boots are amazing and I really want a pair in black as well.

  • The little book of hyyge is one of my absolute favourites. I love the idea of hyyge this time of year. Lovely post xx

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! Hygge is quite new to me but I love it.

  • I’m in love with the photos and your blog layout on here on my god, lovely presentation and fantastic post! Love the autumn theme as well xx


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and for such lovely feedback!

  • Ohhhh I absolutely love those boots they’re so autumnal and I just need them! That fedora hat is a great idea for autumn too, I’ll have to look into getting one! I have soooo many blanket scarves in numerous colours, but I’m so tempted to get more hehe
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I think the boots are very autumnal as well especially the colour.

  • First of all, I LOVE your photos. This post is so beautiful and it has given me all of the autumn feels!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and the lovely comments as well.

  • Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose)

    Loving your gorgeous autumnal flatlays, this post is photography goals! Those New Look boots are fab, I’m in the market for some new footwear at the moment so I’ll check out their range!

    Abbey 😇

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! Thank you for the lovely comments as well.

  • I can’t wait for the weather to get colder, Autumn is my all time favourite season!

    Soph |

    • onedaydreamaway

      Yep autumn is the best! Thank you for commenting

  • Lea

    your boots look amazing and the colour really is so autumnal! And candles, finally it’s appropriate to burn them again! Yours sound lovely!
    Lea, xx

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! I love that it is finally candle season.

  • Those boots really are lovely! Perfect for fall. And I adore all your flatlays!


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and for your lovely feedback!