Bittersweet Sanctuary Review

I know July is over and this review is so late but I`m currently having major technical issues which is why nothing is getting done. I promise hopefully in the next few weeks I`ll be back blogging regularly and hopefully will be moving to WordPress as well! So bare with me and the lack of any content why I work on the blog and getting my equipment sorted.

Now that`s cleared up I`m so excited to talk about this book which I got to read this month thanks to the wonderful author Tam D`Lyte who kindly gifted me this book in return for my honest opinion. I was also super lucky to work on a giveaway which you can see here. You have a chance to win all 3 books from this months book club as well as 4 runner up prizes. So to know more on the book and what I thought (slight spoilers) read on.

Bittersweet Sanctuary* started of with action from the get go and I was instantly hooked from the prologue. The book focuses on a few characters such as Teresa and Alex who as characters were both well developed and understandable. I think the way the book was written showed huge transformations for the characters and I thought the way Tam D`Lyte explored and portrayed abuse was brilliant.

This book is a romantic hard hitting thriller with a lot of twists and turns which I really enjoyed. I was able to easily stick with the book because of the compelling story and the writing style which was quite unique. The book had hints of humour which I really enjoyed but at the same time still had a serious and darker undertone which mostly came from Terese past and history.

From the start the book hints at Terese darker past and the struggle she faced with abuse which is why she has a lot of difficulty letting people in particularly Alex. Overall a brilliant read and a wonderful story that I`d read again.

The story is aimed at 18+ and is available as an ebook here

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