6 Positive Changes I`m Making For Me

Change is hard and most of the time I hate it but it can also be positive. I want to get rid of the old and bring in the new so I’ve made a pact with myself to be more positive. I want to be a sunshine, rainbow, unicorn powered happy beam (slight exaggeration) in the world. I want to make changes that will make me happy and put myself first.

Unfollowing Negative People

The amount of “drama” on twitter is unreal and I always avoid it. I don’t care if so and so is shading someone or if a certain blogger is doing something you don’t agree with because I hate drama. So if I see it I’m unfollowing. I don’t mind if your sticking up for someone but starting it for no reason is where I draw the line.

Have Some Me Time

I need some time alone to reflex. Whether that’s a hour or a week I’m taking time away from the online world and the real one to just focus on myself. Maybe a pamper session here and there or just some alone time to read.

Sleep More and Worry Less

I need more sleep! Worrying definitely keeps me awake at night (as well as Netflix) and I hate it. I’m tired in the morning, feel cranky and don’t have a productive day. So I’m putting down my smart phone and putting on my whale music (I heard that works!!!) I’ll update you on whether the sounds of sea creatures actually gets me to sleep in the future.

Empower Others

I always feel more positive when the people around me are happy. So whether it’s by liking someone’s Instagram picture or giving a motivational speech I want to help make someone’s day or empower my fellow girl (and guy) bosses!

Smile More

I hate my smile which is why it tends not to show itself but smiling is good for the soul (I think?) So I’m making a pact to smile more and cure my resting bitch face which is apparently a thing.

Share Positivity Block Out Negativity

I want to share some positivity and block out all the negativity. Yeah I’ll have to block a few accounts from time to time but maybe I’ll discover some better and happier ones!

So those are a few changes I am making for a more positive life. Are you making any changes and are any on my list? I`d love to know!

  • RIkki Parker

    These are amazing changes to make! I would love to see an update video on how it’s affected your life after the changes have been made? Great post!

    • Sara

      thank you! I will definitely write an update at some point

  • Great tips. It’s always good to try and zone out any negativity. Having plenty of sleep always makes you feel better too, it always works for me x

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting

  • These are some great tips! I agree, the drama gets out of hand really quickly!

    xx Jocelyn // lifeinaleotard.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you lovely!

  • This is such a fantastic idea and it’s given me a lot of inspiration! I might try something like this when I’m feeling a bit fed up or down xx


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and hopefully some of these pay of as well.

  • I have been thinking of unfollowing people that bring any negativity to my social media accounts and I think it’s a good idea. Plus, there is no way that having positive feeds can’t make you feel happier! I think these are wonderful changes that we all need to do with you x

    Claire | clairesyear.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and I 100% agree about unfollowing

  • They say that recognizing the areas we need imorovement in or fall short in is the first step of bettering ourselves. Wishing you luck with your journey towards a happier, healthier you πŸ’žπŸ‹

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for your support and for leaving a comment as well. Hopefully this helped you as well.

  • I definitely agree with these, especially unfollowing negative people. I’ve recently gone through all of my social media accounts and unfollowed/unfriended etc anyone that was posting stuff making me feel anything negative and I’ve already noticed a difference in my general mood whilst online

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and I think that unfollowing negative accounts is so important.

  • Loved this post, gave me some great ideas what I can do for me too! Was totally drawn into your blog from the first look ❀️

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you so much! Hopefully this post helps you out

  • I’m obsessed with your pictures! And I totally agree with you, I started unfollow all the people that made me feel bad about myself.. I used to follow all the Victoria’s Secrets angels and everytime I opened instagram I felt horrible! Great tips, you also just gained a follower I love your aesthetic! This post was so easy to read. Love, Mimi xx


    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you so much! I hope this posted helped you out and thank you for following always lovely and puts a smile on my face.

  • Such a great post! I need to get more sleep too although its easier said than done. I’m also trying to get more fresh air because I’m always tired when I’ve been outside for a while.

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you I hope these tips helped and I agree I`m always more tired after some time outside

  • It seems like the blogging community has had a lot of drama in the last couple weeks so I can totally understand #1. These are all awesome though and it’s great you’re thinking of yourself and your mental health.

    – Shannon | http://www.goingwithhappy.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you I hope these helped you out and I agree I definitely don`t need the drama

  • I love this, I hope you can turn these into habits & have a happier, more positive life! πŸ™‚

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting and I hope I can turn these into habits as well.

  • This is some great advice, especially for someone that doesn’t have the best mental health like me, but it does help improve!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you I`m glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it helps you out as well.

  • I agree with these so much, I find that empowering others makes me feel so much better about myself, as well making them feel good too!

    • onedaydreamaway

      Yep definitely and thank you for commenting!

  • I definitely need to do more of these I think it’s so important to have me time and indulge and not care what others think!

    Amina xx | http://www.AliandHer.com

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you! I`m glad you agree as well alone time is definitely important.

  • Hi, I love the picture with the mug of tea. I need to make an effort to improve my sleep routine as well. Luckily, I don’t experience much negativity on Twitter.

    • onedaydreamaway

      Thank you for commenting! Thank you I`m glad you like my photography