I’ll Give You The Sun Review

Despite only having a few days left of July I’m finally finishing up this months book club and I’m getting posts out there! After this one I have about 3 more to publish and then it will be the end of the Diversity Theme Month which I’ve really been loving. I dont think I’ll be doing book club next month because it’s so stressful but I’ll definitely be doing more book reviews and bookish posts ( I have another book giveaway planned as well so look out for it.)

So lets talk I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson…

To sum up in a few words; Cute, Heart fluttering, Adorableness.

The book is told from the perspective of two twins Noah (past) and Jude (present day) who both get separated by a tragedy. I was a bit confused by the change in times especially as a certain character (I wont say who) was dead then alive in the two parts. But despite that I really enjoyed the book.

My favourite part was Brian and Noah’s relationship which is the cutest thing ever! It wasn’t insta love, the relationship was well developed and my heart couldn’t handle all the cuteness between them. If you don’t like the book you should stick at it just for these two. I did have problems with Oscar and Jude’s relationship being a little to quick but it wasn’t totally love at first sight so I didn’t hate it.

Other than the relationships this book had so much that I loved about it. The characters were so well developed, the story was engaging and it was diverse (Something the Sky is Everywhere lacked.) It was a fairly long story but didn’t feel dragged out and I loved that it didn’t follow usual tropes in YA books.

It also felt relatable because of the family dynamic, sibling relationships and romance aspects of the books were like what we see in everyday life and not exaggerated. They were like real people not just characters in a book and I definitely connected slightly to Jude`s character but also feel like people will relate to Noah as well who goes through huge changes in this book and also comes out as gay to his family (who were supportive which I loved!)

Overall it was a great read and even though it was my second read through I wasn’t board by it and would pick it up again. I’ve always been a huge Jandy Nelson fan so I recommend all her books 100%. If this isn’t on your TBR yet its a must read for 2017.